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Whether you have one property or many in your portfolio, Landlord Insurance provides cover for your property itself and any furnishings you provide to your tenants. 

It can also protect your rental income and cover your liabilities if your tenants are insured on your property and you are deemed to be at fault. Standard home insurance might be invalidated if your property is let to tenants, so it's definitely worth looking into.

If you are taking out a Buy-To-Let mortgage your lender may require you to have Landlord Insurance in order to qualify for the loan. 

We have access to thousands of policies and can ensure we find the perfect match for you. 

Get in touch today so find out exactly how we can help. 

100% Free Advice

You won’t pay us any fees. Ever. That’s because we receive a commission from the mortgage lender and will not charge the unnecessary fees some other mortgage brokers charge – which saves you hundreds of pounds.


We work for you, not the banks. And that means we can give you advice on all products from every lender – across the whole of the market

Whole of Market

With over 10,000 mortgage products on the market, and more being added every day, basic comparison sites just aren't up to it. That’s why our brokers use sophisticated Whole Of Market search tools, designed specifically for finding you the best deal, based on your individual circumstances. And to top it all off, we’ll fill in every form on your behalf.

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